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Bike to work day May 18, 2017 keep fit

Keep fit, Thursday May 18, 2017 is bike to work day.

Let us know if you are participating by posting here. I will be one of the riders.

If you need a little convincing take at look at this article.


Even if you are not able to bike to work just remember that any increase in your activity level is beneficial.

Do you have “Tech Neck” Yes You! The one with your head buried in your smart phone

With increasing use of smart gadgets is there is an increase of neck and back complaints?

Click to read more Tech Neck Info

Have a Happy Safe Thanksgiving

Believe it or not people do get injured handling or cooking turkey.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and likely most of you have already begun to plan an epic feast! Turkey is, of course, the classic menu as we hunker down to the table.

However, before we slip into our elastic waisted pants and tryptophan coma,

Should I take a Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement or Not? 4 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself?

Should I take a Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement or Not? What are the 4 Essential Questions to ask yourself?

Is taking a multivitamin mineral supplement worth it or does it just create expensive urine? It is not a simple question to answer and there may not be one clear answer. You are certainly going to hear opinions one way or the other,

San Diego Chapter of Fermenters Club has first meeting Feb 18

I was at the fermentation festival last weekend in Encinitas. At least until the Rain and wind stopped the event. Speakers about Kombucha Kefir Kimchi and related subjects. Found out that the first meeting of the San Diego Fermenters Club will meet this Feb 18th 6:30pm, only about 1/2 mile from my office. If you want to learn more about fermenting your own probiotic or at least meet with people who do give it a look.

Choose Fun Exercise

Find something fun get out and do it

Be Health Conscious

If you don’t focus your consciousness on your health, it will disappear before you know it. Make “Healthstyle” part of your “Lifestyle”

Organic vs Non Organic Produce

I received a link from a supplement company we buy from about a meta analysis study about organic vs non organic

It promotes organic produce as more antioxidants less cadmium etc

There is definitely a growing trend in more organic foods. And on the surface that all sounds good.