Dr. Bob Johnson graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in 1987. He remained in the Los Angeles area for a couple of years before making the move to San Diego to open Johnson Chiropractic Mira Mesa.

Feel Better and Get Back to Living Well

At Johnson Chiropractic Mira Mesa, you can heal and recover from pain and injury. With a combination of chiropractic care, rehabilitation exercises, nutritional counseling and physiotherapy modalities, Dr. Bob takes a personalized approach to treatment. You’ll receive a customized plan according to what will work best for your case.

Your treatment takes into account what your individual goals are, too. Some people simply want to get rid of the pain they’re in. Others want to correct the underlying problem. We’ll be happy to work toward your desired outcomes.


Dr. Bob works with companies that are concerned about reducing injuries in the workplace. He can work within an office setting or an industrial one. If a job involves lifting, for example, Dr. Bob will educate about the proper way to do so. If your employees sit at desks or a computer, he can perform an individual work station evaluation for ergonomics. Jobs that result in repetitive trauma can have a negative effect on production and sick days. We can help you negate those effects on your company.


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