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Chiropractic Care

There are two ways that you can heal from what we do at Johnson Chiropractic Mira Mesa. First, Dr. Bob works to restore the motion in your joints. At a deeper level, it removes interference from your nervous system. Your body, in turn, will be able to function at its highest possible level, fully communicating with your brain.

Your nervous system is like the electrical system of your body. Information travels from your brain, down the spinal cord and out to every nerve in the body. That’s what allows you to function—breathe, move, speak, digest food and so on. A chiropractic adjustment is designed to make sure your nervous system operates at 100%.

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Techniques to Suit Your Comfort and Preferences

Have you been to a chiropractor before? If you have a method of adjustment that you prefer, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. If you have never experienced chiropractic, rest assured that we will start by explaining everything to you.

Dr. Bob uses hands-on techniques such as Diversified and Cox Flexion-Distraction. He also has an instrument to adjust called the Activator®. If you’re pregnant, we have a table with a drop piece that you can lie on through your pregnancy. We love to see kids, too, because we know that preventing common adult health concerns starts in childhood.

Additional Therapies Available

Dr. Bob may use Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. This method can address your connective tissue, tendons, muscle and ligaments. He is well-versed in treating all extremities. If needed, he can provide custom-created orthotics that will suit your daily life.